About Us

Red State Coffee was founded in late 2020 by Victor Khoustekian. After escaping the drowning blue waves of Communist California, and being forced to close his previous coffee company, Luchador Coffee, under the treacherous rule of the Governator, Gavin Newson, Victor fled to the great state of Oklahoma. His love and passion for coffee followed him to the wonderful Red Sooner State of Oklahoma, and Red State Coffee was born. 

As a Broken Arrow coffee shop, Red State Coffee’s mission is to Make Caffeine Great Again in this great country and break people of the curse of bad coffee here in the Land of the Free. No matter who you are, who you vote for, or what you look like, we want to share our amazing drinks with you. You have to visit us to understand what freedom tastes like! Taste America’s Coffee today! 

Our Declaration of Caffeination

We promise to make all our products with supreme quality and to retain the highest level of service possible for all our patrons we have the opportunity to serve. Red State Coffee is a one of a kind Broken Arrow coffee shop. You will not find another coffee shop like this in America, let alone the world. Our pride for our craft is what drives our craftsmanship in creating not just another coffee company, but an experience filled with passion, liberty, and the pursuit of excellence in each cup. The combination of flavors and recipes we have developed are all our own. There is no other establishment that serves the types of drinks we do. The energy and vibrancy that reigns through our Broken Arrow coffee shop is second to none. We understand that as a coffee consumer, there are an infinite amount of choices to choose from. Therefore, we make it our God given right to invite you into this Broken Arrow coffee shop as not just another customer, but a patriot in this battle for quality coffee. Quality can mean so many things to different people. To this Broken Arrow coffee shop, quality means rendering the highest grade coffee beans from around the world, imported, and roasted fresh every week in the Sooner State. We are constantly presenting to you the freshest ingredients possible, freshly baked pastries, housemade syrups, and a new caliber of craft coffee. 

We hold these truths to be bolder than the coffee that runs through our veins. It is with Freedom, Liberty, Quality, and Caffeine that we hold out these standards to set the bar for all who have set on the land before us, all those that compete, and all those we will defeat. Our mission and goal is to Make Caffeine Great Again. The question is….will you join us?

Red State Coffee is not only your favorite Broken Arrow coffee shop, but it is a place for conservative people to come together to share their beliefs and love for conservative values. If you are supportive of America, God, and Guns, then you will appreciate what we have in store for you here at Red State Coffee. That does not mean that we will not serve people who have different beliefs than us. That is the great thing about this place we call America. America is the land of the free and the land of opportunity for everyone. We respect people of all races, religions, etc. and coffee is the best way to connect with others. Coffee is the drink that people share their stories of life and spill the beans with, pun intended. Coffee is America’s favorite drink that will kickstart your morning. It is freedom fuel. That is what we are offering to you. It all started when one man was forced to shut down his previous coffee company that he had worked so hard to create. The cruel leader (dictator) in his state forced him and many other businesses to shut down not only their doors, but all their roads to revenue. America, being a capitalistic society, is where we have the ability to engage in commerce and therefore, have the ability to create something great. Red State Coffee was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the very end of 2020, the year that opened up many eyes and even more opportunities. All we ask is that when you come into any one of our establishments that you treat our staff and place of business with respect, no matter where you stand politically. Even if you do not share the same beliefs, you have to respect our values. Our mission is to celebrate our freedoms as Americans by creating and serving the best coffee possible. We will always serve the best coffee in the Broken Arrow and Tulsa Area, whether for your day to day caffeine needs or for your next event, count on us to be there for you when liberal coffee establishments are not willing to put in the extra effort needed to accommodate you. We will go above and beyond for our patrons and we raise the bar for others higher than the American Flag is raised during the national anthem. Our vision is to create an atmosphere where patriots can come together in harmony and share in their conservative values while tasting freedom. You are more than welcome to give us a call at our coffee shop phone number by dialing 918-932-2550. One of our team members will be more than happy to assist you or answer any questions you may have in regards to our products and or services. Make sure to follow us on our social media channels to stay updated on the latest news from this great coffee establishment. We are on Instagram, Facebook, Parler, and Rumble under the username Red State Coffee. Try us today. Get your first drink for only one dollar. We do this so that you have the ability to try our product. We are that confident that you will love whichever drink you try from our one of a kind coffee truck. Let’s make caffeine great again one sip at a time!