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We use the top of the line equipment and freshly roasted coffee beans. Buy a bag of beans to make a cup of joe at home or visit us at 704 S Main St in the heart of the Rose District. We are open 7 days a week to serve you the fantastic beverages everyone loves. Try our new craft energy drinks made with freshly carbonated soda water and plant based energy concentrates. It is to die for and we assure you that you will love all the flavors. We are that’s confident in our product and everything we serve. Even our customer service is the top notch.

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If you have an upcoming event then this Broken Arrow coffee shop is sure to fulfill your need of caffeine and beverages. Our coffee truck will come to wherever you are hosting your celebration and serve there on site. Call to see our many different offerings and catering packages. If you are driving by the area in the city of Broken Arrow, you are not going to want to miss this experience of getting the drinks. Spot out truck from a mile away. It is painted black with hand painted artwork. The masterpiece is created by a local artist here in Tulsa. We take the right way to serve you the coffee. This is what we do here at Red State Coffee.

We are proud Americans and it shows in our branding and our menu. All of our coffee drinks and other types of beverages have the most unique names that will either make you laugh or cry when you go to 918-932-2250. You have to come get a wig, which is one of our most popular drinks. It is a premium hot chocolate topped with our house made marshmallow fluff. Adding espresso is optional but it will taste great. Red state coffee is your go to for coffee spot.

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Hey, what’s up, Nick? Hi. How are you doing? We have all the beans that you can get as soon as possible when you drink the coffee with us. I’m doing great, man. How are you? I’m good. Wheat. Do you want to, uh, put your video on, do you want to do a video as well, or just, yeah, here we go. Yeah. Now we’re on sweet ways of all the types of coffee beans. Cool, man. Are you, and you’re shocked right there. Yeah. Awesome. Dude. What, what, what time zone are you in? I’m in mountain time. So it’s uh, seven 30. Okay. Sweet, awesome, man. Where are you at? I’m in, uh, well actually moved from California to Oklahoma. Oh, okay. Yeah.

So I have a coffee while I sold, um, the majority of the stake in the coffee company in Cali, and then I’m restarting one here in, uh, in Oklahoma. Cool. Very cool. Sweet man. Yeah. So pretty much we just do kind of like an open forum. Um, I’ll just do the intro real quick and then we’ll just dive right into it at the broken arrow coffee shop.Okay. All right. Sweet. Awesome. Ready? Set. Go. Yes. Yes. Yes, Andy. Yes, what’s happening folks. And welcome to the coffee talk podcast.

We have caffeinated conversations about the coffee industry and so much more today. We have the amazing coffee beans, Nick, what’s happening, man. Just, uh, you know, hanging out here in rapid city, South Dakota here being sweet man. So Nick is the operator owner and founder of pure bean coffee roasters and the Nick. How many cups of coffee deep are you in today? Cool. Um, I, more than I have fingers, that’s that sweet man. It will, uh, Nick, let’s just dive right into it, brother. Um, so you’re owner of, um, pure bean coffee and not the one over here which is Red State Coffee located at 704 S Main St here in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Serving up the best coffee beans and drinks is what we do here at this broken arrow coffee shop. And we’re, you know, it’s, it’s crazy being in South Dakota where there was never really, truly a serious lockdown. Um, here in rapid city, they limited, uh, businesses for about five weeks. And during that five weeks, we basically got a bunch of stuff done in the shop that needed to be done, which was kind of cool. Uh, and we opened back up, uh, after five weeks and it was like flipping the switch and we actually ended 2020, um, ahead of 2019 really? Yeah.

Here in the, in the coffee shop we did on that, on the roaster side of things, because we are roasting coffee, uh, for coffee shops, uh, all over the country. Um, it was down a little bit, um, from, uh, from 2019 just because a lot of places were pretty slow. You can some into 918-932-2250, but because the coffee house was up, we came out about even at, you know, in the, in the whole deal overall. So it, it actually was a, was a good year and, and things are, I mean, they’re definitely picking up wonderful man here from the broken arrow coffee shop.