You get drummed roasted coffee, that’s all over the board air roasting is just a lot easier here in broken arrow coffee shop. It’s a lot easier to, I can get, I can’t get champion level coffee, like you can with music, but I can get consistently excellent coffee at a higher level on a more consistent basis. Then you generally can’t run those as often as the other coffee roasters. So that’s why I use it. Oh, wow. That’s awesome, man. Do you feel, like the percentage of, probably not, I don’t know if there’s any statistics out there, percentage of coffee shops that use drum roasted coffee, as opposed to air roasted techniques?

I’ll be pretty interested to see which one is used at this coffee establishment. If you want some great coffee make sure to get it at our online store from us or by giving us a ring any time you feel inclined. Oh, I bet. I bet. 98% of the copy out there is. I mean, that’s just off the top of my head, but about 98% is drum roasted coffee beans. I mean, it may not even be that low. It might be higher than that. There’s just not a lot of broken arrow coffee shop with the best coffee out there.

And, and the reason is the biggest reason is because, and change is hard on the coffee industry and people don’t do it that way because they don’t do it that way. And that’s really it that for me, it’s a no brainer. It is air roasting that does it and it’s an easier process. It gives you a more consistent roast. It gives you a cleaner roast. It is, the machines are a lot less expensive. There are a lot easier to, to work on. If something goes wrong, they’re not industrial machines. So I don’t need to get, um, a bunch of licensing and codes and all that kind of stuff.

I mean, the it uses a dry, literally a dryer mint for exhaust and I don’t need any permits. So to me, it’s really as a no-brainer, as far as that’s concerned. And I don’t, I mean, I’m not gonna not to dog on drum boasting, because like I said, there are, if you have a good roaster in the coffee industry, they can do amazing things. Plus I can, I have two 10 pound roasters that I roast on at the same time, because the, the variables that come in with, with drum in this far as humidity, elevation, ambient temperature, all of those things.

None of that stuff really exists with air roasting at the broken arrow coffee shop when you call 918-932-2250. I don’t have to, I don’t have to watch my roaster every single second of the day. I don’t have to be as, as tuned with it. With air roasting that is the plus, because air roasting is an open system in I can see my beans all the time. You know, I can hear it on the, on the cracking of the beans as they cook, on the first crack, in the second crack, and all of those instances.

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That’s awesome when you see us here at the special broken arrow coffee shop. No, I mean, it’s very interesting. Cause like I said, I personally, I have not met an air roaster yet. Well, I have, one of the things is we are, we’re about two blocks from an engineering university. We have had a few years ago we had a graduate team that loved to come into the coffee bar. Basically you have to have an engineering project in order to graduate and these student loved to drink coffee. We had a team come over and they said, we want to do something with coffee in order to accomplish our engineering project. Therefore, we essentially engineered a larger coffee roaster.

They worked with us and with the company that had to create our roaster at our website and created a bigger. Then last year we had an engineering team come and say, we want to do something within the coffee industry at this time again in order to gather the beans. What we want is there’s very little data out thereon air roasting as compared to drum roasting.

I have a lot of suspicions about how this works and how good it is and in comparison to drum roasting, but I don’t have data because first of all, I don’t have the time and second bottle is I have the brains on caffeine. I’m not an engineer, I am a barista that makes drinks at the broken arrow coffee shop. I don’t know how to do all that stuff or how to measure all of those things. In coffee, there is a how to measure the acids and the chemical makeup of the coffee and how it works through the roast.

There are also roasting curves and doing all of that kind of comparison in types of roasting with the industry. If you are wanting to open up a broken arrow coffee shop or a coffee business, I would say, get ahold of real people and get as much information as you can. The thing I love about the copy business was that the people in this business are generally very open. They they’re generally, they, they want to help each other. They want to share, they, you know, they want to do those kinds of things. I think most coffee people are, cause that’s just for the most part, the kind of people. Let’s, you know, I mean, we designed our shop going to other shops and saying, this is cool.

Let’s do this and that. I think that is something that 918-932-2250 I would definitely suggest too do. You have to say go to as many places as you can and steal ideas for people. You have to put it all together and make sure to fit it into your own personality and the way you love coffee. So the people want to know, what is your favorite coffee drink? You know, I honestly, go to I drink, I drink mostly black coffee and I drink it all day long.