What we have created has become much more than your average broken arrow coffee shop. Therefore, you know, our products are coffee beans, our coffee drinks are not just the word coffee. That is what comes to mind. For us, it was really about building that, that culture and being able to say, we’re going to do things the right way, where I’m not going to be another Starbucks knockoff. That is where we’re going to do, we’re going to make a coffee house.

Like it shouldn’t be, and we’re going to run it like it should be, and we’re going to sell coffee. Our goal of this is not going to share it into a restaurant that has broken arrow coffee shop. This is going to be a coffee house that happens to have, you know, other stuff that happens to have a little bit of food and baked goods and things like that. Um, we built a kitchen, uh, we hired a Baker. We did everything in house and we still do. We still bake everything in house, do all of our syrups in house.

You know, we roast right here. So everything is made from here at this broken arrow coffee shop and that’s a big deal. And, and we didn’t compromise on that. And it was, it was, there was some ground to plow because the, the people here just were not, um, they weren’t used to that. They’re not used to, a real genuine coffee bar like the one we love and after five years, uh, we have, you know, we have established ourselves here. It is three years running, 2018, 2019, 2020. We’ve been named the best coffee house in the state maybe even in the USA today. We’ve established something here and, and it was, it was not easy. It, there was a lot of work and still a lot of work, but it’s a lot more fun now than it was then. I mean, we’ve plowed the ground and now we’re just keeping me going.

You can call us at our phone number for a coffee and to place your order. Now with the wholesale side of things, when you were first starting out, how’d you get like your first ten customers, especially just being, you know, things of that nature, people that are wanting to start a brand, especially now in his era, a lot of things are turning online only. How’d you get like your first coffee drinks?

I need to do in order to, to, to earn your business. We did you know, we did a fair amount of traveling to, and, you know, and sat down and talk to people and we just, gave samples. I had a little hand grinder and I took my aeropress espresso coffee maker. I would walk into the coffee shops and sample our beans and other offering just things like that. Then ask them a few questions about the beans they were using. Can we sit down? I want you to, I want you to try this and you need to call 918-932-2250. I want you to compare what we have here at http://redstatecoffee.com, what we’re doing with what you have.

Broken Arrow Coffee Shop | Insanely Good Coffee You Truly Love

People notice that, or for someone that doesn’t know, um, could you explain the difference between what we love at the broken arrow coffee shop. You know, obviously drum roasting and air roasting? Yeah. Well, drum roasting is a, it’s a closed system, first of all. So you put the, you put the beans in the drum and the drum rolls around. You know, the gas heats of flame and the flame keeps the heats, the drum. And there is a, there’s a teeny little window in there that gets, that gets covered over after about three rows. And you never see it again.

There’s a tiny little paddle in there that you pull out and you can see like five beans at a time to figure out who roasted the, the roasting takes place through conductive heat from the heat of the drum, to the beans. And then from the beans to each other, with air roasting, we’re talking about an open system. So there is a, you know, I mean, what we use is essentially a couple of giant glorified, popcorn poppers, really. They roast 10 pounds at a time at this broken arrow coffee shop.

One huge difference is that it is more of a fluid roasting method. The air blows and then blows more beans up, and they it’s convective heat rather than conductive heat. So it’s heat that surrounds the beans and that roasted from the inside out rather than the outside in. That makes a big difference as far as the, the consistency in the roast and what you get out of your beans at this coffee shop in broken arrow. The website is on the internet at the website for one of the big differences is with drum roasting coffee. This has coffee beans which have chaff on the outside. Then, when they roast the chaff comes off of the beans in a drum roaster, it will, it rolls around with the beans and eventually gets to the end of the drum and gets sucked out.

But in the meantime, that chap incorporates itself into the flavor profile of the beans. And, um, oftentimes we’ll add a bitterness to your beans. It also adds an acid to the beans as well but never from this coffee shop. Other places that is where they generally get the acid that bothers people’s stomach. It comes from the chaff roasting with your beans. This does not usually happen with air roasting because it’s suspended because it’s, it’s a fluid bed roast. The chaff comes off and it’s sucked up.

It’s blown away by the blower on the bottom, and there’s a vacuum on the top and it sucks on the chatter box. So then the chap never got the roasted beans from this broken arrow coffee shop by dialing 918-932-2250. You can always get yours at Red State Coffee located in the city of broken arrow. You can do things in a drum roaster that you can not do air roasting because you can dial things in http://redstatecoffee.com precisely with certain kind of beans.