You have both the roasting business as well as a retail location, correct? We have everything you want at this broken arrow coffee shop. One retail location or about how many do you have? Yeah, we have, uh, we have a shop here. I’m working, um, with a friend of mine to open a couple of pure bean locations in Los Angeles at this point. So that is, will probably come about over the next few months. Nice man. South Dakota. Yep. Yep. Right there. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. How, how long have you, uh, on your coffee business and how how’d you get? Well, um, started eight years ago just roasting, uh, uh, a friend of mine. Uh, and I started, uh, the roasting business actually out of his garage. Um, after about seven months, then we moved into, uh, an actual, uh, facility that where we, where we set up after about three years, then we decided we were going to open up the coffee house as well. And so we’ve been doing that for about five years.

How’d you get into the whole roasting game at the coffee shop? Well, I grew up in Portland, Oregon, and, uh, I’ve done a lot of things. I was, you know, I’ve done a lot of sales work. I was in the insurance business. I was a, um, sales manager for a couple of different places. And, um, my friend moved here to rapid city, uh, from Kansas city. He was a big coffee guy. I was actually roasting coffee in an old popcorn popper in my garage. Um, showed him how to do it. And people were saying to us, you know, you guys really have to start a business doing this.

We all love drinking coffee, and my partner was contractor and finally came to me one day and said, listen, um, I’m looking at contractors five years older than me that can’t walk or move anymore. I gotta get out of this business. We need to start this roasting thing. So that’s, uh, that’s essentially how we started it. Uh, he, uh, he really ran it, um, ran the coffee roastery. I was kind of in and out and, um, uh, about two little better than two years ago, he moved back to Kansas city and, uh, and I took over the whole business at this broken arrow coffee shop.

You know, it worked out pretty well because my, my partner was, was a total foodie. He was, he was, um, even a bigger coffee snob than me, uh, became, got his coffee grader certification. And he was really, uh, he, because he was a contractor, he built the whole bar, so everything in my whole broken arrow coffee shop. And so that was, that was actually pretty cool.

Yeah, absolutely call us in 918-932-2250. He set up the bar and he laid out the basically the procedures of how everything went and he did just a phenomenal job. And, and I was, you know, I mean, I was really on the wholesale side. Um, you know, I did, uh, a lot of the business things on that side. So it really worked out well because we had different roles and different strengths. And I think we, we realized that. And so it, it worked out extremely well. If you head on over to they will give you on the information on coffee beans and everything of that nature.

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He was the one who wanted the broken arrow coffee shop, really, not me. I wanted to just roast coffee beans. And so when he said that he was moving back to Kansas city. I said, you know, I might sell that coffee shop and just keep the wholesale side of things in the end. I decided not to. And I’m glad I didn’t. And so I said, well, I’ve never really worked in the shop. I’ve really never worked on the retail side. I sat in here, I drank a lot of coffee. You were doing the operations yeah, right. I was doing the wholesale. So, you know, we had really good people here. I mean, and I’ve got fantastic people working for me, which makes all the difference in the world. And so I said, okay, I’m gonna, I’m gonna work behind the bar.

I’m going to work a shift a week so that I can figure out at least how this goes, how this works. I just want to figure this all out. So, um, I went behind the bar and, uh, and after about two months, I came in one day and my bar manager was back there and there was somebody else here as well. And I said, I, I thought I was working today at broken arrow coffee shop. And he said, you’re not working anymore. You said, you are, you’re too slow as a barista and you talk too much. We don’t want you here anymore.

I said, okay, I’m good with that. I’ve, I’ve gotten what I needed to out of this experience. And you just go ahead and run the show. And so it’s been, it’s been great. And I’ll tell you that is more than anything. That is the most important part of, of doing this for me is, is having really, really good people around me. I was I was a high school debate coach for 10 years but love being a coffee consultant. What was like the hardest thing starting out in the coffee business?

We started off on the wholesale side roasting coffee at the coffee shop. Therefore, the first thing is we are, I mean, this isn’t a big state and it’s not a big place. There’s not a lot of people here. I said from the beginning, listen, that we have to survive on the coffee. We’re going to sell in more lies than just here in the broken arrow coffee shop, or we are going to die. This is not going to work. And so we really started to gain our first handful of customers.

We had one in type of coffee bean from all the way in Hawaii and one in Maine and they are still, they still are with us. We really made connections with people all over the country. And that’s really how we started our wholesale business from me. I mean, on the retail side, it was, it was difficult here because this is not, um, this is not a strong coffee culture in the Broken Arrow area. When you can buy coffee at or by calling 918-932-2250 today.