You want to make sure that the machine from the Broken Arrow coffee shop has been stored correctly and was in a safe place when not in use. One thing to look for is to make sure that the pressure gauge is working correctly and accurately. I’ll common mistake that many coffee shop owners make, is that if they are surrendered express machine with the boiler. Water and forgot to drain it, they cannot leave it in cold temperatures. The reason for this, is that if water inside the boiler freezes it will damage all the piping and the pundits that are under pressure as well as the ones that measure pressure of water coming out brewing coffee. If water pipes freeze and burst, then the pressure gauge will show that there is pressure inside the line there is no coffee being made or pressure being exerted.

Then, you want to make sure that all regular service maintenance has been done on the coffee equipment that is for sale. The portafilter screens or group head screens are one of the most important factors to consider. Just want to make sure that scale especially, as well as cleaned routinely. We practice and do what we preach here at this a broken arrow coffee shop by making sure that all of our coffee equipment is in tip top shape. Another thing that a lot of people overlook is changing the gaskets and coffee machines, especially the espresso machines. The gasket is a rubber or silicone part that sits in between the group head to hold the portafilter that will be dispensing your espresso. The most important routine cleaning process is known as back flushing. That is what the broken arrow coffee here does. This is when you clean out the group head of the espresso machine using a certain type of cleaning product.

This will help take out the different minerals from the water as well as clean out and use coffee grounds that are stuck in the machine. Depending on how often your coffee equipment is used you will have to do a full the scaling of the boiler inside of the machine. This is when all the internal components are removed access minerals are taken out to improve the water flow and flavor of your coffee drinks that are being served. If you are in the market for use machine, you can always call this broken arrow coffee shop anytime of the day at our number.

Call us if you have any questions about coffee, espresso, espresso machines, or any type of coffee equipment. We would be more than happy to assist you. Also, if you’re looking to have any type of coffee equipment refurbished, maintain, or look that we are your go to source for this type of service. Red state coffee is one of the highest rated and reviewed broken arrow coffee trucks and shops. We do whatever we can to help so they can taste this great coffee drink. This is what we do here at red state coffee which is the best.

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