Coffee Catering

Red State Coffee is the number one provider for coffee catering in Tulsa. We are able to provide the best type of catering services for you, no matter the occasion. We can provide catering services for both indoors and outdoors. We service the greater Tulsa Area, including Jenks, Broken Arrow, and Bixby. 


We cater all kinds of events, no matter the size, budget, location or venue!

Let us know which kind of event you have coming up. We cater all different types of events, both public and private, such as:

  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties 
  • Holiday Parties
  • Office Parties
  • Corporate events
  •  Large and Small Festivals 

And more!!!


We separate ourselves from the competition in two different ways. First of all, we are able to provide coffee catering in Tulsa for both indoor and outdoor events. With our amazing Broken Arrow coffee truck, we are able to cater to medium sized crowds and do events that can be held outdoors. In the past, we have served and catered for outdoor weddings, birthday parties, and large food festivals. Our coffee truck is able to go to places that your normal cafe or coffee shop will be unable to go to. With this, we bring the experience to you. Secondly, we are able to provide some of the best on site espresso catering possible. We use only the freshest roasted coffee beans available from around the globe, roasted right here in Tulsa. We also make all of our own syrups from scratch. Not only do we provide craft coffee drinks, we also provide an assortment of different drink options for your as well. We can do mocktails, craft plant based energy drinks, Italian sodas, lemonades, teas, and anything else to fulfill your cravings. Furthermore, we have different pastry and food items we can provide for you next event as well. We do it all when it comes to coffee catering in Tulsa. 


We are your premier coffee catering provider and coffee bar servicer when in need for your next upcoming event. Our baristas are professionally trained to create the most delicious recipes to serve you and your guests. Not only will your guests be delighted with our drink options, but also enthused with the latte art on their drinks. Our baristas have mastered the craftsmanship of service and make sure to over deliver for the occasion. They will be thanking you for welcoming them to such a grand event with the best catering in town. 


We can give you onsite espresso catering, therefore serving all of our handcrafted espresso based drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, white mochas, and more. Think of it as your coffee shop coming to you, no matter if your event is taking place inside a venue,in any indoor location, or outdoors in nature and the fresh air. If you are not wanting espresso based drinks, but prefer black coffee, we also offer our pour over bar as a viable option. We will hand brew each cup of coffee for your guests with the coffee of their choice. If you are wanting hot or cold coffees for a large number of guests, we offer batch brews of all of our different coffees as well as assortments of our famous drinks. The best part is you do not have to worry about any kind of cups, lids, or extras such as sugar and cream. When you work with us, we provide all of the fixings for your coffee needs. This means we can provide paper, plastic, or ceramic drinkware for the occasion at hand. With our expert baristas on staff, we will fulfill the caffeination for the occasion of your choice. If you are wanting specific drinks, we also have the option of providing bottled drinks for your events. We can make any and all of our drinks bottled to give to your guests as a special thank you for attending your event. We seriously do it all when it comes to coffee catering in Tulsa. 

It is our mission and obligation to over deliver when given the opportunity to be your service provider. Many other companies will overpromise, but then fail to fulfill those promises when the time comes. Our team at Red State Coffee is focused on providing you with the best customer service possible and making sure we are committed to our core values and mission as a company. Our focus is to make caffeine great and that starts at your next event. You may be wondering what the steps are to hire us for your next upcoming event that will be taking place soon. 


Here are the steps to hire for your catering needs:

  1. Read our 100+ reviews to understand why we have become one of the highest rated and most reviewed coffee catering companies in the Tulsa area.
  2. Watch our testimonials from real customers and see what they have to say about our products and services.
  3. Fill out the form below with the necessary information. We would like to know the date and time of your event, the number of guests you would like served, and the duration you are interested in having us there for, as well as any details in regards to your special occasion that may be important. 
  4. One of our team members will give you a call to confirm the details of your event as well as provide you with the best option for you. We will then send you a catering contract that you will sign and return as well as a deposit.
  5. We get the opportunity to work with you and provide the best coffee catering in Tulsa.


We will go over the different packages that we have in store for you in regards to the many services of coffee catering in Tulsa that we offer. We will also offer customizable options for you.By offering customized packages and also a customized menu that will fit the premise and goal of your event, we are able to serve you no matter the budget or venue. Coffee goes well with dessert or just about anything. Make sure to keep us in mind when you are looking for a quality catering service provider for your next event in the Tulsa area.