This Broken Arrow coffee shop, Red State Coffee, has some of the best and most unique drink options available. We offer a wide variety of drinks for all to enjoy. Come by our shop located at 1660 N 9th St, Broken Arrow, OK 74012 to try some of our delicious offerings today. You can also call us at 918-932-2250. This Broken Arrow coffee shop has an array of drinks we are now offering for your enjoyment and for your to take home. Are your tastebuds ready for this heavenly caffeinated goodness? Red State Coffee is now offering any and all of our drinks bottled for you to enjoy on the go. Come grab a few bottles on your next visit to this Broken Arrow coffee shop or have them delivered to your door.

The first drink in this lineup of deliciousness is our Big Oil Brew. This is unlike any other cold coffee drink you have ever tasted in your life ever before. It was voted one of the best cold or iced coffees in the area. We use a special blend of freshly roasted coffee beans and a blend of different types of roasts, along with a mixture of sugars and spices to create one of the best drinks known to man. Load up on some Big Oil to start your day, the Red State Coffee way!

The Sharpshooter is our second most popular specialty drink. This drink includes espresso, milk, and housemade vanilla and chocolate hazelnut syrups. This is the perfect drink for those who enjoy mochas and vanilla lattes. Now you can have the best of both worlds.

Our AR-15 or horchata latte is a drink that is both sweet and simple, literally. It combines our signature espresso into a perfect latte with just a touch of sweetness from the dairy based horchata milk. If you prefer your lattes with a hint of cinnamon and sweetness, this is the perfect drink, brought to you by this Broken Arrow coffee shop.

Our 918 Latte pays homage to our infancy in the great state of Oklahoma by using the area code of 918 as the name of this drink. This sweet and delicious latte is made of our signature espresso, milk, and our house-made brown sugar cinnamon syrup that we make from scratch. It is a one of a kind latte that makes Oklahoma proud!

Do you like mochas? The Righteous Regan is our white chocolate mocha made with high quality Ghirardelli White Chocolate. The Teddy is our signature mocha made with our homemade chocolate and sure to satisfy the chocolate lover inside you.

The Tornado is another one of our notable espresso based specialty drinks. It is meant for those that like to stay caffeinated. The Tornado is a 4 shot latte with condensed milk as well as chocolate and caramel sauce. The sweetness balances out the bitterness of the espresso to create a harmonious and delicious drink.

Our Law and Order Latte is made with two kinds of our house made syrups. This drink is made of espresso, milk, and a mix of vanilla and mint syrups. This is a peppermint mocha on steroids.


The Golden Latte is a drink unlike any other. This specialty latte will be something your friends and family will be asking you about for weeks on end. Your Instagram feed will be flooded with questions on how, when, and where you found this gorgeous creation. Our Golden Latte is made with our homemade vanilla syrup as well as edible glitter to make your drink extra spectacular.

We also have another super unique drink available which is a specialty hot chocolate. It is called The Wig, playing on what people call the hair of our president, Donald Trump.This is made using our housemade chocolate and steaming it to perfection. Then, we top it off with our homemade marshmallow fluff. This is that which we make fresh in house as well. The marshmallow fluff on top then gets flamed and torched to re-create a s’more‘s that will bring you back to your childhood. Try it today from this Broken Arrow coffee shop.

Our newest drink that we have available combines strength and liberty. It is known as The Frack. This unique drink is made up of four ingredients: edible activated charcoal, espresso, milk, and vanilla. This has sweetness as well as health benefits to it. It’s fracking good, that’s for sure.

Our Covfefe Latte is very simple, straightforward, but it is packed with flavor. It is a play on bowl we are President Trump made a few years ago.It is our signature caramel latte made with a caramel syrup that we make in house.

Did you know that we also serve a variety of teas and tea lattes? We have our signature black and green tea known as 1920 and the new deal. We also have tea lattes such as are trying latte, known as the total acquittal as well as our matcha latte, called drain the swamp.

Furthermore, we also have drinks such as lemonade, strawberry lemonade, and our signature red state coffee energy drinks. These all have exciting and enticing names that will make you want to drink them. First off, is our hydroelectric energy drink. This will get you up and moving. This is made of raspberry and strawberry and spread. Next step is our USA energy drink. This is a layered energy drink that has the colors red white and blue, resembling the American flag. Next up are our two favorite energy drinks that we sell. These are called Liberal Tears and Dragon Energy. These are only available from this one of a kind Broken Arrow coffee shop.

The trick to grab the back of our coffee beans as well. You have many to choose from. Different roasts and single origin coffees are available. Ask your very said what we currently have for sale and for you to take home and enjoy. Brew up some Red State Coffee in the comfort of your own home today