See why Red State Coffee is the 918’s leading Broken Arrow Coffee Shop:

We have gathered a tremendous amount of testimonials from our real customers to show you how much we truly care about our products and services. See what our patrons past and present have said about this one of a kind Broken Arrow coffee shop after trying one of our amazing drinks or hiring us for their event.

“Red State Coffee is truly ‘Making Caffeine Great Again!’ You have to try one of their drinks today! Honestly…. See where their coffee truck is and go…like now!”

-Mark T.

“I look forward to visiting them again and again. The drinks…awesome! The atmosphere…exhilarating. We love America and we love Red State Coffee!”

-Aileen Q.

“What a great pairing! Coffee drinks that have an American flair, inspiration, and patriotism, served with delicious freshly baked pastries. Wow! I can’t get enough of it! Thank you Red State Coffee! 

-Mikey G.

The best ever! Really, it is the best coffee shop (or should I say a coffee truck) in town. This concept is incredible and patriotic. I support the American Dream and what it stands for. I am so glad that this Broken Arrow Coffee Shop is mobile and I wish nothing but the best for the Red State Coffee team! Their coffee is truly amazing and they have the best drink combinations I have tried thus far. The overall concept is very creative and intuitive. They are breathing new life into the local Coffee Scene!

- Courtney H.

Delicious coffee with great service. The employees and staff that were there when I visited were incredibly nice and pleasing. You can tell they really care about the customer experience and make customer service a top priority. Quality product and I loved the entirety of it all! The whole aesthetic was exactly what I look for in a new spot to frequent. There was a great selection of unique drinks options that I have never seen at any other coffee establishment. The drink names are just great and make you laugh, if you’re not a liberal that is. After looking at the menu for some time, contemplating on what I wanted to try, I ended up getting the 918 latte because it had some sweeter ingredients. My wife who doesn’t care for coffee got one of their Red State energy drinks known as Dragon Energy. The color of the drink was cool. Both drinks were delicious and great!

I cannot understand why or how it has taken me so long to write a review for this amazing place. Every single drink I have gotten has never ever disappointed me at all. I have made it a small tradition to come here at least twice a week. The owner is an amazing, super friendly, and down to earth guy. I can’t wait to see and taste the rest of the drinks on the menu and future ones to come. Red State Coffee deserves to be one of the best, if not the best Broken Arrow coffee shop.

Do not hesitate to try one of their drinks when you spot them and feel free to ask for recommendations on what you enjoy. They are always super friendly and want you to leave satisfied and caffeinated.

- Heidi L.

Best coffee in the Tulsa area, you have to try their specialty known as ‘The Wig.’ Their drinks are unique and make me crack up with the creative names they have. Excellent service by far and delicious pastries. You can tell they really bake them fresh. I love coming here, visiting, and supporting this place. You have to try it!

- Michael D.

“Red State Coffee is on the move, especially lately with their mobile coffee truck! You can follow them on Instagram @redstatecoffee to see where they are going to be each and every day. It was super convenient. The drinks they serve are always super tasty! I am so glad they are making their way around Broken Arrow and Tulsa so I can have that super yummy Covfefe Latte ! I love all of their unique drink options and their super friendly service. Thank you to this Broken Arrow coffee shop for keeping me caffeinated and awake!

- Ashley D.

The coffee they serve is next level! So happy I tried it, it is really that good, you won’t be disappointed at all! Trust me, this is the bomb man. God bless you, this Red State, and your business! 

- Juan R.

Best coffee and they make one of the best iced americanos I have ever tried. I always take home a few of  the bottle coffees they have, plus a cookie and other delicious pastries they have available.

-Gigi A.

Awesome place to visit and sip a cup of joe! I ordered the AR-15: espresso with a dairy-based horchata milk and topped with some cinnamon powder (that gave it a little heat, but I’m sensitive to anything, even pepper). Overall it was fabulous! Awesome! Ole! Great! Incredible! There isn’t anything bad you can say about Red State, unless you lean left, haha! I’ll be back! Yumminess awaits you! Caffeine made for America! Yessss!


I’m definitely looking forward to the next time I can visit them and try their many other drinks. Since there are so many choices, I will be visiting them quite often! 

-Cindy V.

I love Red State Coffee! The owner and employees are always extremely kind and they make everything they serve with lots of passion and love. I love to get the 918 latte, which is made with homemade brown sugar syrup and topped with a sprinkling dash of cinnamon powder. My boyfriend can tell you….I am pretty darn picky about how I like my coffee. I don’t usually like to have it sweet, so I was skeptical about trying one of their many sweetened drinks. At most coffee shops they are always over the top and way too sweet. That’s one of the things I truly love about this place called Red State Coffee. They always make whatever you order just right! The syrups they use in their creative concoctions are never too overpowering. From the many I have tried, they have just enough sweetness that it complements the espresso perfectly and creates a perfect balance. It’s simply the best. Delicious and tasty, that’s all I can say. Whenever I am in the area, you know where you’ll see me!

- Lincoln W.